Halo modding projects

My hobby is creating custom content for the game Halo Custom Edition, starting some time around 2005-2006. I specialize in textures, skyboxes, and multiplayer maps, with a bit of tooling recently. I've worked with teams like Project Lumoria, The Silent Cartographer: Evolved, and early CMT. Here's a sample of my favourite projects:

Custom maps

A map is a playable level/environment built using the Halo Editing Kit and 2D/3D asset software.

Warren (2021)

A swampy asymmetric CE map created for the Reclaimers Season 2 map contest, based on a Blaze Lightcap blockout.

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Cold Shoulder (2021)

A Halo CE map set at a chilly Russian power station. Created for the CE Reclaimers map contest in collaboration with Blaze Lightcap.

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Alpine (2020)

A large Forerunner-themed Halo CE map with asymmetric bases, built for team games.

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Geomar (2014)

A large outdoor CE map set against the sea, part of the Lumoria project. Collaboration with Higuy.


Frostbite (2007)

An asymmetric Halo 2 Vista map taking place at a frozen training facility in northern Canada.

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Obelisk (2005)

My first CE map. It looks bad and plays worse, but helped me learn the HEK.



A skybox is a mesh rendered behind a level as its "sky", typically part 3D model and part matte painting.

TSC:E (2015)

An oceanic sunset skybox created specifically for The Silent Cartographer: Evolved project.

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Precipice (2011)

A moody and stormy skybox created for Siliconmaster's map Precipice.

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Requiem (2011)

A space skybox featuring the aftermath of a space battle, created for the map Requiem by Selentic.

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The Pit (2010)

A faithful recreation of Halo 3's The Pit skybox, made for the CE port.

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Lumoria (2010)

One of two skyboxes created for the Project Lumoria campaign, the other being Geomar's.

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Revelations (2009)

Created for the map Revelations by Selentic and Massacre.

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Other projects